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3 May 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

OSINT. Sites for finding help information

In an era when any conflicts are resolved primarily in the information space, it is impossible to protect yourself from fake news. States, corporations, committed activists, and propagandists have a vested interest in influencing people with misinformation. Therefore, the ability to think critically and analyze information today has become a necessary skill to maintain a sober view of reality. Activists and opinion leaders have a special responsibility for how the people around them interact with information. Therefore, by combining theory, a joint analysis of iconic cases from the practice of world mass media, and practical tasks, we will learn to recognize fakes from which media they did not come — from messengers and social networks to blogs and television, in order to prevent ourselves from being deceived and help protect our colleagues from misinformation. friends and relatives.

Not only does OSINT help you ensure compliance with an organization’s cybersecurity vision, but it can help protect anyone from a captured child or person in need, to protecting themselves from violence and even avoiding terrorism. If you know how to use Google Earth, its satellite images and street views, you’re already using open source intelligence. Using the OSINT tools and software shown here, take it a step further and automatically scan public information for you. We hope that this selection will allow the reader to collect a lot of useful information, and maybe even avoid problems. However, if you have doubts about the legality of your actions, remember that it is never too late to stop. In any case, you act at your own peril and risk.

Good sites/groups

Stop Child Abuse

Tracking the object and helping children.

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International volunteer community.

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A pioneer in the field of human trafficking prevention.

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Humanity Road uses innovative technology to help identify and address critical needs.

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Innocent Lives Foundation

Using (OSINT) data, our Predator Team (PIT) finds the true identities of anonymous child predators.

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Trace Labs

Non-profit organization to reunite families of missing persons while training them in intelligence skills.

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Citizen Evidence Lab

It is an online space for sharing best practices, new methods and tools for conducting investigations, combating false and disinformation, and raising public awareness.

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An international community of experts, practitioners, politicians, technologists, researchers, journalists, scientists, hackers working at the intersection of humanitarian crises.

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The Endangered Children Alert Program (ECAP) as a new proactive approach to identify unknown persons involved in child sexual abuse and the production of child pornography.

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Fight against abductions, cruel treatment. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem in today’s world that needs to be dealt with.

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We engage  different teams to handle and investigate unsolved missing persons bodies and unidentified remains cases.

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Child Protection Task Force to give detectives and officers access to investigative expertise and resources not available in most organizations.

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