Copepod Fishing “Social Engineering to Find the Military”

15 April 2023 6 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Find the footman!

Catch fish big and small! What is copepod fishing? what is the need for social engineering to find the Ukrainian military, which continues to brutally kill and tear Ukrainians apart. After reading the materials of the article, you can help the armed forces of Ukraine. It is with the phrase “Catch big and small fish” that one children’s fairy tale begins the chapter on hunting for carp, let’s talk about the current schemes of how to get information about carp, what carp are looking for on the Internet and why it is necessary to investigate and contact them. Despite the fact that smartphones are taken away from the latter and they are prohibited from using the Internet, a person is the weakest link that needs to be attacked. Why is it so important to start identifying the invaders now and get information from them that is of interest to the armed forces? First of all: none of the occupiers should go unpunished, and should bear full responsibility for their actions and the actions of their subordinates. Hungry and dissatisfied orcs, have a very interesting interest in the female sex.

This will help us extract from them the information of interest to us and get the maximum profit in the fight from this information. Some people really like to talk a lot and tell things that they are asked not to tell on the Internet. This is what we will use: to get the information we need. The military and the people who help them make a great contribution to the independence of our country, and help win independence for us and our future generations. Fight and win! Glory to Ukraine! You are worthy sons and daughters of your mother Ukraine, thank you for defending us!

Social networks

What, where and in which regions should be found?

  1. Phone numbers

  2. Current geolocation. (Bryansk Oblast, Kursk Oblast, Belgorod Oblast, DPR, Rostov Oblast, Crimea…)

  3. Photo/video of everything around (special interest of the technician), terrain (positions)

  4. Information about military equipment (tanks, artillery, armored personnel carriers, personnel)

  5. Warehouses with ammunition, warehouses with provisions

  6. Places of permanent deployment, field camps

  7. Routes of movement of enemy columns

  8. Information about the launch of missiles or the take-off of planes

Dating sites are general thematic, as well as narrow, the main purpose of which is to meet and transfer people who share common interests in some specific area. Despite the variety of topics, the principle of operation of all dating sites is the same. It is enough to register for participation on the site, fill out a special questionnaire, in which, as a rule, you need to indicate information about yourself, your interests, outline some photos, provide contact information and other information. It is natural that all people want new acquaintances for one reason or another, soldiers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation are no exception, so you need to dive into social networks for acquaintances to find them.


The most popular social network among young people.


The largest social network.


Dating bot “Daivinchik”B.


Social network for dating Tinder.


Russian social network for dating Tabor.


Russian social network for dating Mamba.



  1. Choose a locality where you will hunt a clubfoot

  2. Choose an address, see photos of the place, famous places, in order to later correctly ask questions to the laptenog

  3. Choose a profile that you will pass off as your own, or photos that you can post to the stalker so that he can prove that you are you

The software you will have to use

To get started, you need to configure the Android device emulator and take the necessary steps by installing several applications on the emulator:

  • Configure geolocation for an Android device

  • VPN client

  • Telegram

  • Convenient browser

  • Dating site app or telegram bot

A bit of psychology and strategy

1) The need for a sense of self-importance, superiority (to tell how cool, well done, brave, strong they are, doing such an important thing that they are proud of);

2) Lack of communication with the opposite sex, they are “hungry” (there will be hints about their attractiveness as men, compliments on appearance, courage. Flirting, luring);

3) The need for comfort, stability, and pleasant emotions. They are tired, exhausted, not in the most comfortable conditions (well, if correspondence becomes a source of positivity, stability, the most pleasant moment of the day);

4) In general, people like to talk about themselves and their interests. It is good to ask about what they like, what they are proud of, about their goals and dreams.

5) If you see that communication with a lappet is coming to nothing, give him freedom, you don’t need to deface yourself and give him something sharp to answer. You should not engage in pranks and the like, as this can harm the common cause.

In order to have people at your disposal, it is important in communication to be based on their needs and to follow the tactics of finding them

How to correctly send information to our bot?

The bot was developed precisely to promptly inform the team and users about any changes and news, the functionality of our bot was added, and now it will help to directly transmit information to the Armed Forces. In order to avoid misunderstandings, you should structure the information you are transmitting as clearly as possible, and submit it in the following sequence:

  1. You need to start with the date and time when and where you found the artifact

  2. If there is information about the place of events, then describe where and what is happening

  3. The number is an approximate number, if you are told that we have a large column, then you should describe the situation that way

  4. Findings must be processed in text form – a file

  5. During the description of the find, if something is not clear, it should be indicated in the document

What can our bot do?

  • Offer news

  • Collect the results of your findings and quickly transfer them to the Armed Forces

  • Stay in touch with us

  • Our social networks

  • Promptly accept your wishes

  • Remind us of mistakes

Send the results of your findings to the bot

Send the result

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