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4 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

What is targeted traffic?

Motivated traffic involves encouraging users. For example, for installing an application, registering, playing to a certain level or other targeted actions. Motivated means having an incentive to take a targeted action. Incentivized traffic (incent) is users who have completed a targeted action for a reward. It is most often used when promoting applications. Webmasters pay a fee to users for installing the apk file, and then receive a higher fee for the traffic from the partner. The profit is the difference between the money received from the affiliate program and the amount paid to users. There are two types of targeted traffic. The first of them is a custom, in-demand traffic model that involves users of the gender, age and interests requested by the advertiser. This often happens through freelance exchanges and affiliate programs.

The second is robotic, scam traffic. An old method, but still used, although not often. This option is cheaper, but quickly detected and blocked. Therefore, it is better not to use robotic traffic. An offer is a central concept in the field of motivated traffic, an offer from an advertiser. Payment is made for the targeted action related to the offer – going to the site, registering, uploading a file, placing an order, etc. The advertiser can specify in the sentence any action for which he is ready to pay a specific amount. Incentive earnings are common through affiliate programs, where programs are often promoted. The main advantage of the incent is real people downloading the developer’s product. There are no bots. And this method of promotion is inexpensive and effective.

We appreciate the mood of all Ukrainians and yes, we really know that some of the listed resources belong to the Russian Federation. As practice has shown, the country is 💩, and the quality of the offered offers is frankly not very good, but this is great, because they will spend money on low-quality goods, and we, in turn, will make money from them and donate the earned funds to the Armed Forces ! Let them buy, and if we take into account that the military operations have been going on for 9 months – we understand that our army really needs support. Study, read, and learn from someone else’s, and don’t shy away from your own…

“Deceiving people is a sin, stealing from people is a sin, but Russians are not people, so the deed is pleasing to God. Breed them for dragonflies, throw dragonflies to support the army and you will be rewarded.”

The best partners


The service works only with mobile traffic. You can immediately attract traffic for no more than 5 offers. Withdrawal is available twice a month.

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There are many offers on the site, where it is appropriate to pour traffic. U can withdraw from 20 euros. Money is credited to account.

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The resource has joined OFFERUM. There are more than 2,000 offers on the service. Payments are made on the day of the request.

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Ad1 (Offerrum)

The service is an erotic social network for adults from all over the world. Payment is made for account registration. The rate depends on the user’s country.

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The service offers more than 1,000 active offers and 75,000 active geos. Currently, more than 230,000 webmasters use the platform. The company has been operating for 7 years.

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Actionpay creates a marketplace for optimal delivery of quality offers and traffic by partnering with high-value advertisers and top-performing publishers.

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This is a partner program of the erotic chat service. Earnings come mainly from referrals. If someone registers using a unique user link, the latter will receive $5 for it.

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An affiliate program that pays money for registering on a dating site. Currently, the rate for men’s and women’s questionnaires is the same, 35 rubles + a percentage of the money spent.

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A reliable resource where you can easily and quickly create tasks and get results. A webmaster can get traffic cheaply. Links to landing pages and sites are available.


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