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26 April 2023 8 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Partner programs of cashback services

Cashback is literally translated as “money back” or “return of funds”. The topic of cashback started gaining momentum recently. The cashback service is provided thanks to special services. Earning from partner programs of cashback services is a profitable business direction and the opportunity to receive more than 600% profit per month. You offer users a way to buy goods cheaper, online stores get more customers, and you get a reward. Cashback service – ordering goods in online stores through a special service (website or browser extension) and returning part of the costs to the buyer. By working with such a partner, you will be at the beginning of the chain of finding new customers, for which online stores pay remuneration to cashback services. And they share part of their income with both buyers and partners who found them.

Despite the fact that cashback obliges you to honestly share 10-50% of your profit, you will still remain in the profit due to the increase in the number of leads. Practice shows that with a competent approach, you can even gain a base of regular customers and receive a stable income from one offer. From the point of view of the arbitrator, cashback and motivated traffic are essentially the same thing. Earning from cash back affiliates has important advantages – a constant and growing target audience of potential users of such services and the possibility of passive income.

We appreciate the mood of all Ukrainians and yes, we really know that some of the listed resources belong to the Russian Federation. As practice has shown, the country is 💩, and the quality of the offered offers is frankly not very good, but this is great, because they will spend money on low-quality goods, and we, in turn, will make money from them and donate the earned funds to the Armed Forces ! Let them buy, and if we take into account that the military operations have been going on for 9 months – we understand that our army really needs support. Study, read, and learn from someone else’s, and don’t shy away from your own…

“Deceiving people is a sin, stealing from people is a sin, but Russians are not people, so the deed is pleasing to God. Breed them for dragonflies, throw dragonflies to support the army and you will be rewarded.”

Mechanism of work

Cashback is a relatively new phenomenon in the field of shopping, which is used by more and more customers every day. In its essence, this is some analogue of a discount. Only here the difference in price is returned to the customer on the balance in the amount of a certain share of the purchase price. Cashback services are constantly working to expand their customer base. Of course, the best way to do this is to create an affiliate program. Webmasters and arbitrators who cooperate with partners of cashback services can also take advantage of some important advantages:

  • The audience interested in cashback is extremely huge. In fact, these are all those people who buy something on the Internet.

  • An opportunity to build a stable, high income. The more customers you attract, the less you will have to work in the future. Referrals are attached to you, as a rule, permanently. And all his purchases with cashback will bring passive income.

The e-commerce market is a profitable, promising, rapidly growing niche. And if you still haven’t started your career in this industry, Cash Back affiliate programs are a great way to get started. When buying a certain product, a small percentage of the amount spent is returned to the buyer by one of the special services. To receive cashback, you need to install the extension in advance or make a purchase through the service’s website, which returns part of the money to you. Cashback works exclusively on partner sites, the list of which can be read by anyone who wants to. Everything is very simple. But you should always talk about it. After all, at its start, many marketers probably too aggressively promoted such an innovative service that most people still consider cashback something related to fraudsters.

How cashback service partners work

Large cashback services, such as Megabonus and others, have their own affiliate programs. Sometimes these can be found in the lists of offers of large CPA networks. The mechanism of operation is very simple. You attract a potential buyer to the cashback service. He registers using our affiliate link. And when he makes a purchase and receives cashback for it, a percentage of the amount of money returned to the buyer goes to us as a reward.

Returning to the algorithms, everything looks something like this:

  • The cashback service receives money for bringing the customer to the online store;

  • He divides his earnings between the client and the partner who brought him. As a result, he keeps at least a small part of the income, but spends a minimum of effort to get it

How much can you earn from cashback affiliates?

Cashback helps both buyers and those who referred them to earn money. Large affiliate programs pay very generously for customers. Most often, you can find from 50% to 75% of the amount earned by the cashback service. In the language of numbers, you can talk about thousands of rubles for just one purchase by your referral – everything rests solely on how expensive it will be to purchase, and what percentage of cashback from the purchase price he will receive. We will also add a referral program here. Often, services are ready to pay for the fact that you refer other partners. There are not enough stars from the sky here, but you can safely expect that you will receive about 5-10% of the earnings of your referral.

Summarizing, we can summarize that the final income will depend on the following factors:

  • Traffic volumes of your resource;

  • Relevance of the site and audience.

The season is also important. Before the holidays, people buy more goods and look for bargains. And that’s why before the New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, on some Cyber Mondays, you can safely count on a high income. Experienced webmasters earn a lot during such periods, often their earnings exceed 100,000 rubles during the holidays. It’s not bad considering the fact that we also help our audience to save.

Kopikot is one of the first cashback services that started its work back in 2011. At the moment, the purchasing audience of the service has exceeded!
CLICK HERE is one of the most popular cashback services. It allows you to receive compensation when buying goods of any category.
CLICK HERE is an affiliate program of the modern Backit cashback service, which cooperates with many of the largest online stores. The project began work in 2013.
click here

Biglion is a large Russian service that started its work back in 2010. Today, the key product of the company is coupons for all kinds of services.
click here



Kupikupon is a site where users can buy a discount coupon for a product or service. In total, the site has thousands of different coupons.

click here


CashBack affiliate program of the Cash4Brands service. A one-time lump sum is paid for each referred friend who makes a purchase.

click here

Backit (ePN Cashback)

Cashback service Backit (ex. ePN Cashback) returns to each user a percentage of the amount spent on online purchases. There is operational technical support.

click here




Refer your friends to and earn 30% of each of their cashbacks for life. Of course, the more users you bring, the more you will earn from them.

click here


Tell your friends about ShopingBox and for attracting new users, you receive 10% of the received cashback (The “lifetime” of the affiliate cookie for the user is 30 days.)

click here


We invite you to cooperate – attract new customers of the cashback service and receive a reward. Their affiliate program is hosted on the largest affiliate network for e-commerce – DeSlon – join and earn.

click here is one of the first cashback services for the CIS countries. It has been operating since 2011, so it has proven itself as a reliable and decent service. The creators are from Finland.

click here


Earn from your friends’ purchases without losing them! Get a personal link after registration and give it to your friends and start earning with them on their regular purchases. You can earn up from your friends.

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