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4 May 2023 8 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

The video format is gradually replacing text formats, and even photos. In general, this is quite natural. 15 years ago, social networks and forums with their “long posts” were relevant, 7 years later, Twitter and other microblogs are gaining momentum, then – Instagram, where writing is not necessary in principle, now – TikTok, where users post their videos. Everything listed above is, on the one hand, a diagram of the evolution of the Internet. On the other hand, we can also observe clear trends. After all, in all these periods, different formats of advertising were relevant: from contextual advertising and banner advertising to video.
Video affiliates are advertising networks that help establish a relationship between an advertiser and a traffic owner (sites with traffic). Both big brands (McDonald’s and others) and beginner bloggers can act as advertisers.

Despite the fact that the methods of video promotion can be chosen independently, if you decide to work with large video partners, you will have to “play by their rules”. In most cases, the source of traffic can be a site, less often – pages in social networks. Attendance – at least 1,000 unique visitors for the site and at least 20,000 subscribers for social networks. But this is on average. As for earnings, everything is ambiguous here. The decisive criterion will be which video partner you will work with. The largest projects offer the highest CPM (per 1,000 impressions). Sometimes the affiliate program is willing to pay more if the commercial is seen by a thousand new users. But most often, the rate will still be somewhat lower. Therefore, having chosen a platform that is convenient for you, you can start earning.

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Scheme of work

Video affiliates work quite simply. Especially if you plan to monetize your own site. After you have registered in the project, you need to add a site. A special code will be generated for it, which will allow you to start displaying ads in the two most common ways:

A separate advertising block, independent, which does not require the presence of built-in players on the site;
Advertising is embedded in the player, if the site is associated with video content, then everything will be very harmonious, which will give the maximum envelope.

Depending on how aggressively you monetize the site, the commercial can play either at the user’s request or automatically. The latter method will bring in the most views. But also the amount of traffic that will go after that makes you wonder, is it worth it?

In general, there are many formats of video advertising. They are classified as follows:

1. According to the “moment” of the show. Examples can be found in any major video hosting. These formats are used only on those sites where there is video content. Yes, there are pre-roll (ads are displayed before the main content), mid-roll (the user sees the ad inside the main content view), post-roll (the ad is played after viewing the content). The most common is multi-roll, which includes all three previous forms. It is less common to see pause-roll, when an ad starts after the main content is paused;

2. By forms and methods of reproduction. Native Video is a format where advertising is displayed as a separate, independent block. It can be played both automatically and after pressing the “Play” button. For information sites, mass media, the InRead Video format is relevant – inside the article there will be a block with a video that will automatically start playing after the user “reads” this part of the page. Mobile formats – from blocks to full screens, where the user is required to perform certain actions.

Such an abundance of formats obliges affiliates to spend a lot of time on experiments. You need to find the most profitable way to display commercials, which will allow you not only to earn money, but also not to lose traffic. A small life hack. If you do not know what type of advertising will be suitable for your resource, consult the support service of the affiliate program with which you cooperate. Managers will help you reach the most optimal decision.

How much can you earn from video views (views)?

The main motivation for each of us is, of course, profit. And that’s why it’s not surprising that many webmasters are interested in how much you can earn from video affiliates? It is quite difficult to answer this. Each partner pays per thousand impressions differently. It depends, of course, on the level of the project, subject matter, GEO and other factors. Affiliate programs, where sites undergo strict moderation and must meet a number of high requirements, pay a lot, and even a lot. In such projects, you can count on a decent amount for a thousand impressions.

But it is worth understanding that the partner takes this money (and even a little more) from the advertiser. And not every brand is ready to pay so much for its video to be played, even on quality sites. As a result, there are not many offers in such partners, and they are rarely updated. Accordingly, there will be downtime when not a single penny will drop into our account. That is why it is best to work with affiliate programs that pay small stable amounts for CPM models. This minimizes the risk of running out of money, as ads will play more consistently. And if you’re an extrovert who has tons of other affiliates you know, you can earn a little extra income from a referral program. You can count on 3-5% of referral earnings.


The affiliate program allows you to monetize traffic using your video content as the main “product”. Here we need to receive a paid subscription from the user.

click here


It is an ad network that uses the video format as its primary marketing tool. Although de facto works exclusively with video, it does so in a variety of ways.

click here

Videopotok is a large advertising network that allows you to monetize your site using video ads that appear on partner sites.

click here

With the platform, you can promote your brand with video ads or monetize your site by placing ad units.

click here

Beseed is an advertising network that uses video as its main marketing tool. The main advertisers are bloggers, movie distributors and others.

click here


This is a video ad for your site. Viewing is counted immediately after loading the player. Only legal advertising without mobile redirection, without viruses and other “gray” methods.

click here

Nativehub is a large advertising network that allows businesses to advertise their services or products and allows webmasters to profitably monetize their traffic. Nativehub is powered by Buzzoola technology.

click here

Adprofits is a new representative of video affiliates, which has just entered its second year. Founded in 2018, the ad network quickly caught on with webmasters and arbitrators.

click here

The service is a popular advertising network specializing in the video format. Having started its work back in 2011, the company has not lost its relevance at all, but has only strengthened its position on the market.

click here

Mediatoday is an advertising network that has been operating since 2008 and with which you can monetize your site.

click here affiliate program started its work in 2013. It offers to monetize traffic through video advertising.

click here is one of the most famous projects in the field of advertising networks that use modern video formats to promote brands.

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