CPL (cost per lead) of partners

4 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

When is it better to choose CPL?

In the settings of the advertising cabinet, you can come across different payment models, for example, we will mention the most common ones: payment for conversions and views. But there are other models, one of which we will talk about today. CPL (Cost-per-Lead) is a payment model where the arbitrator pays per lead. A lead is a potential customer who has left their phone number, email or any other information about themselves. Later, the advertiser uses the personal data to directly monetize the given customer. Working with CPL, the arbitrator receives payment for the information provided by the client, and not from the so-called deep actions. The CPL model is useful for building hot customer bases for email newsletters. Customers brought in through Cost-per-Lead are called hot because they are ready to take the next action the advertiser wants. As we said above, the option is perfect for creating a database of numbers and e-mail addresses.

But CPL is also very effective for green beginners in arbitration. Think for yourself: when choosing to pay for clicks or views, it is easy to get lost and be left with nothing, because there is no experience in analyzing CAs and creating ads. And with CPL, you can get guaranteed ice that promises profit. Affiliate programs that offer a CPL payment model mostly work with landing pages. Some partners offer offers with ready-made landing pages, for some you will have to try and create your own. Be sure to pass the tests before launching the landing page, check the headers and images, make sure that the form for entering personal data works correctly.

We appreciate the mood of all Ukrainians and yes, we really know that some of the listed resources belong to the Russian Federation. As practice has shown, the country is 💩, and the quality of the offered offers is frankly not very good, but this is great, because they will spend money on low-quality goods, and we, in turn, will make money from them and donate the earned funds to the Armed Forces ! Let them buy, and if we take into account that the military operations have been going on for 9 months – we understand that our army really needs support. Study, read, and learn from someone else’s, and don’t shy away from your own…

“Deceiving people is a sin, stealing from people is a sin, but Russians are not people, so the deed is pleasing to God. Breed them for dragonflies, throw dragonflies to support the army and you will be rewarded.”



Affiliate program of a direct advertiser-cryptotrading platform. The project accepts almost all traffic sources.

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International partner network with exclusive Dating offers. The partner works mainly according to the CPL.

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Edu-Money helps you earn in the essay niche. Monetization of student traffic by high ratings.

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FireAds is an affiliate program created for webmasters of various skill levels. FireAds is a global partner project based in Poland.

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Adsterra CPA Network is an American advertising network that offers traffic monetization using CPA, CPI, CPL and CPM models.

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A CPA network with extensive experience in various verticals, as well as excellent tools for monetization and promotion

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A CPA network with extensive experience in various verticals, as well as excellent tools for monetization and promotion. All GEOs and all operators are accepted.

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Publisher.House is an affiliate program that monetizes traffic on push subscriptions. You can install their subscription script on your site  and start driving traffic.

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An effective partner network and a universal platform created for the development of Internet business around the world. Supports any type of affiliate networks and any traffic sources.

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