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4 May 2023 4 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

How to earn on SMS partners?

Affiliate SMS is a great solution for monetizing not only mobile traffic, but also web traffic. Despite the constant improvement of Internet marketing methods, SMS-partners are still popular and provide webmasters with a good income. No tricks. You refer the paying client and receive a percentage. The payer here is the company, platform, etc., with which you entered into partnership relations after going through the registration procedure. Today, there are many products on the Internet, for access to which or their use, it is necessary to pay by SMS. In this way, information products (audio, video, text courses and trainings), fortune-telling, tests, genealogy and horoscopes, methods of weight loss and other body improvements, mobile applications and games, access to adult content and much more are sold. The user sends an SMS – and the payment is withdrawn from his phone.

The subscription format means that money will be automatically deducted from the mobile client for the extension of the service period (they are more profitable for the webmaster, because deductions are made from each repeated payment – rebil). Or a system of pseudo-subscriptions works – the client must not pay for SMS, but enter a mobile number to receive an SMS from the site, after answering which money is withdrawn from him. Most often, different formats are possible in the affiliate program. There are many SMS-partners nowadays, the scheme of their work favors some manipulations that promise decent earnings, therefore the competition between affiliate programs for the attraction of participants is high. Interests for attracted customers are unusually high – up to 70-90% of the cost of SMS. Below is an up-to-date catalog of the best SMS partners for earning money on mobile traffic

We appreciate the mood of all Ukrainians and yes, we really know that some of the listed resources belong to the Russian Federation. As practice has shown, the country is 💩, and the quality of the offered offers is frankly not very good, but this is great, because they will spend money on low-quality goods, and we, in turn, will make money from them and donate the earned funds to the Armed Forces ! Let them buy, and if we take into account that the military operations have been going on for 9 months – we understand that our army really needs support. Study, read, and learn from someone else’s, and don’t shy away from your own…

“Deceiving people is a sin, stealing from people is a sin, but Russians are not people, so the deed is pleasing to God. Breed them for dragonflies, throw dragonflies to support the army and you will be rewarded.”

Catalogue is a well-known partner program in Runet. Main advantage to profitably earning from files.

CLICK HERE is an international partner CPA network designed not only for Russian-speaking traffic.



This is an automated site promotion system designed for SEO specialists and site owners. Weekly payouts.


A large affiliate network, the main purpose of which is to allow webmasters to monetize traffic by redirecting it to various in-demand products.

CLICK HERE, known as MaxKonvert, is an extremely popular project in the SMS partner market. Advantage of the network is that it has been paying steadily.


Mpay69 is an advertising network that allows you to earn from mobile traffic from your site by placing banners on the site.



The partner, for whom SMS is a priority, but not the only way to monetize traffic, offers not only 80-90% of the commission for invited buyers, but also 5% of the income of the involved webmasters and 5% already from their referrals.



Specializes exclusively in casual games. SMS payments are accepted from residents of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The amount of the webmaster’s commission is fixed – 37-45 roubles. rubles depending on the activity of the users involved.


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