Complete Windows 11 installation guide

7 September 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

Windows 11 is the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft with an updated interface and improved performance. Learn how to install and configure Windows 11 with this step-by-step guide that covers all the necessary steps, from downloading to completing the installation.

Step by step: Installing Windows 11

Downloading Windows 11

Step 1

Go to the browser

Step 3

Select the version of Windows 11 as shown in the screenshot and click “Download Now”

Step 4

Select the language and click “Confirm”

Step 5

Download the 64-bit system

Step 6

We are waiting for the file to finish downloading

We install Windows 11

Step 7

Right-click on the downloaded file and click “Connect”

Step 8

Click “Open”

Step 9

Click twice on “setup”

Step 10

Click on “Change update download parameters in settings”

Step 11

Click “Not now” and move on

Step 12

We are waiting while the PC check is in progress

Step 13

The error about the lack of support for the TPM 2.0 module is one of the most common. Therefore, later in the article, we will show how to solve it in a few clicks

Step 14

Click on the “Start menu” and go to the “Settings” section

Step 15

Click on “Update and protection”

Step 16

We need to update Windows 11. Click on “Install now. You will need to reboot the system

Step 17

Go to the browser

Step 19

Click on “Code”, then click on “Download ZIP”

Step 20

We unpack our archive and double-click on the downloaded file

Step 21

We are waiting until we have the same thing as not screenshots

Step 22

At this stage, double-click the downloaded file again and click “Connect”

Step 23

Open this file

Step 24

Double click on “setup”

Step 25

Click on “Choose what should be left”

Step 26

In our case, we choose “Nothing”. You choose what you need and move on

Step 27

Click “Installation”

Step 28

We are waiting for the Windows 11 installation to complete

Step 29

This procedure is not fast. We need to wait a little longer with you

Step 30

Windows 11 installation on the finish line

We configure Windows 11

Step 31

The installation is finished, select the language and click “Yes”

Step 32

We choose the keyboard layout and move on

Step 33

This step can be skipped

Step 34

We connect our Windows 11 to Wi-Fi

Step 35

Wait until the system checks for updates

Step 36

Here we need to come up with a name for our operating system

Step 37

Click on the selected fragment, as shown in the screenshot

Step 38

Click on “Login methods”

Step 39

Click on “Join the domain instead”

Step 40

Enter your name and click next

Step 41

We create a password for our OS

Step 42

To confirm, enter the password again

Step 43

At this step, you and I will add “secret questions”. We invent our answer and press next

Step 44

Все те саме, відповідаємо на поставлене питання, так щоб ми могли запам’ятати відповідь

Step 45

We repeat the previous step

Step 46

In the privacy settings, drag the two sliders to “No” and click “Next”

Step 47

We wait a few seconds while our Windows 11 prepares the settings

Step 48

Congratulations, everything worked out for us. Now you can use Windows 11 on your computer

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