Complete Windows 10 Installation Guide

8 September 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

Let’s take a look at the steps required to download, install and configure the OS on your computer. A step-by-step guide that covers all the important aspects of the installation. This information will be useful for those who want to install Windows 10 quickly and without problems or improve the performance of their system with optimization. The article contains tips that will help you avoid errors and ensure a successful OS installation.

Windows 10 installation: Settings and optimization

Downloading Windows 10

Step 1

Go to the browser

Step 3

Click “Download Tool”

Step 4

Click “Open file”

Step 5

We accept the terms of the license

Step 6

We create an installation disk for another PC and click “Next”

Step 7

We select the language, architecture and release as shown in the screenshot and move on

Step 8

We select the ISO media file and move on

Step 9

We are waiting for Windows 10 to finish downloading

Step 10

The download is complete, click “Done”

We install Windows 10

Step 11

Right-click on the downloaded file and click “Connect”

Step 12

Click twice on “setup”

Step 13

Click “Yes”

Step 14

Do not turn off the PC. It will be necessary to wait some time

Step 15

Don’t worry, the PC will reboot several times

Step 16

The installation is almost complete, just a little more and everything will be installed

We configure Windows 10

Step 17

Select the Ukraine region and click “Yes”

Step 18

We choose a keyboard layout that will be convenient for us to work on

Step 19

We can skip this step with you

Step 20

We connect our Windows 10 to Wi-Fi

Step 21

Click “Continue limited setup”

Step 22

We choose a name for our operating system and move on

Step 23

We create a password for our OS and move on

Step 24

To confirm, enter the password again

Step 25

At this step, you and I will add “secret questions”. We invent our answer and press next

Step 26

All the same, we answer the question so that we can remember the answer

Step 27

We repeat the previous step

Step 28

Select privacy settings for your device. Choose the settings, then click the accept button to save them, you can change these settings at any time, after that click “Accept”

Step 29

We are waiting for the completion of setting up our Windows 10. The main thing is not to turn off the PC

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