What to do with information about copepods #1

17 April 2023 4 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

What else can be done with information about copepods?

Have you ever thought about how simple people who want to but don’t know how to help can help? If you are reading this and understand that you would like to help, but you do not know how, then you have probably found a very interesting hobby for yourself. Who are Laptenogi? What information and why should you look for it? Have you ever heard of “Laptenogy”? These are Russians who invade someone else’s land and start building a “Russian peace” there, and tell the whole world about the “salvation of the brotherly people” or some similar delusion. When we have a big war, we need to get as much information as possible about such “liberators” who came to our land and try to establish their “orders” on it. It is you and I who will be able to collect, transmit and analyze information about these “laptopeds” in real time – their locations, personal data of “liberating soldiers” and other information that will help the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to turn these creatures into humus in the black earth, in order to maximize to quickly and accurately approach our joint victory over the guests from Laptestan.

You can greatly help Ukraine win this bloody war! It is your work in obtaining the necessary information that can pay off! This information campaign is suitable for those who are proficient in social engineering and OSINT skills. The action requires deep preparation and the ability to manipulate people. It is necessary to locate a person as soon as possible and extract as much information from him as possible. The bluntness of the copepods is of key importance in obtaining information, it allows you to obtain strategically or tactically important information. Almost everything that laptenogs tell about their life or difficulties is important.


Create fake accounts of servicemen and identify their service friends: or exchange information about “army everyday life” with the same servicemen. Information for creating fake accounts can be taken from the guide “How to deanonymize Russian soldiers and officers”. To mislead as many military personnel as possible in order to obtain information related to military operations. Establishing personal data of military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation participating in the war against Ukraine. Establishing positions, available types of weapons and military equipment.


  1. Create and fill social media accounts: used by the enemy.

  2. It is possible to attack through chats in the “DMB timer” application.

  3. Conducting in-depth OSINT research.

  4. Running a successful search company. and acquaintance with the enemy.

Your personal safety

In order to protect yourself from any consequences, you must first take care of your personal safety. In order to protect yourself as much as possible, you need to follow all the instructions from the “Personal safety” section. To check the correctness of the settings, you can use the “Anonymity check” section.

It should be remembered that the enemy is very insidious and most likely can guess about something, so personal safety should not be neglected. If you have direct relatives (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grandmother and Grandfather) in the territories not under the control of Ukraine, take special care of their safety and your safety and better not to risk their lives and your life.


Obtaining valuable information about the movement of the enemy, its fire positions, warehouses of BC and fuel, routes of transportation of BC and fuel, the amount of equipment, and so on. This information should be sent to our bot, and we, in turn, will promptly transfer it to the Armed Forces.

What can our bot do?

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  • promptly accept your wishes

  • remind us of the error

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