Installing VMware Fusion on MacOS

13 May 2023 3 minutes Author: Lady Liberty

Do you remember what we talked about when we met?

We live in an age of cutting-edge technology, where the concepts of cyber hygiene, vulnerabilities, attacks, protection, anonymity and cyber security intersect. And now I want to talk about anonymity. This is a broad layer for discussion, where each subtopic or section deserves special attention, but now let’s take the most important thing. Don’t think that you don’t need it or that it doesn’t concern you. The less they know about you, the better. And this, by the way, is not just about the Internet;) Do not be careless about your safety. I beg you to remain anonymous online. Today and tomorrow. Always, and especially during the war. For your own safety, I recommend using virtual machines, namely VMware machines. This will allow you to run multiple operating systems on the same Windows or Linux computer with full network virtualization and simulation of specific network connection settings.

Typically, virtual machines are used to develop, test, design, demonstrate the capabilities of programs on different operating systems, but also very well suited to other purposes. Using a virtual machine is, in simple words, reminiscent of the existence of a computer in a computer. Here is your desktop, and here is another one. And you can not one. Functionality is limited only by the ability of iron. I understand that for a person who is far from the world of cyber security, half the words of all this are completely incomprehensible – but we foresaw it. We go gradually and step by step. We make complex things simple. That’s why we tried for you and made step-by-step instructions for installing VMware. Wherever you are, mother hacker, know that I and my team are always there.

Installing VMware Fusion on MAC

Step 1

Download the VMWare Fusion virtual machine from the official website at this link.Official site

Step 2

After downloading the program, run it and double-click Install in the window that appears.

Step 3

The program will ask for an administrator password. Enter it and press OK.

Step 4

The program is paid. If you have already purchased it, select I have a license key for VMware Fusion 12 and enter the key you received after purchase. Click Continue.

Step 5

If you do not have a purchased license, the application has a 30-day trial version. To use the trial, select I want to try VMware Fusion 12 Professional for 30 days. Then click Continue.

Step 6

Read the user agreement and click Agree, then enter the administrator password again.

Final Step

After installation, click the Done button.

Congratulations! VMware Fusion 12 is installed on the computer!

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