Installing Kali Linux on Windows using WSL

9 September 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

Boost Your Cybersecurity: How to Install Kali Linux on Windows Platform

Kali Linux is a powerful operating system designed for penetration testing and security auditing. Thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) technology, installing Kali Linux on your Windows computer has become a simple task. In this detailed SEO article, we will cover all the steps to install Kali Linux on Windows via WSL. You will learn how to prepare your system for installation, how to install WSL, and how to configure Kali Linux to run continuously in a Windows environment. This guide is intended for those who are interested in cyber security and want to use the powerful tools of Kali Linux on the Windows platform. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to set up your Kali Linux environment to take advantage of all the advantages that this operating system offers for penetration testing and security analysis.

The main steps we’ll cover in this guide include: System Preparation: We’ll start by preparing your system to install Kali Linux via WSL. This involves activating the WSL feature in Windows and selecting the version of Linux you wish to install. Installing Kali Linux: Let’s explain how to install Kali Linux using the distribution management tool in WSL. This process requires an internet connection to download the Kali Linux image. Initialization and Setup: After installation, we will go through the process of initializing and configuring Kali Linux. This includes creating a user account and updating the system. Using Kali Linux: The final step is to learn how to run Kali Linux through WSL and how to start using various tools for penetration testing and security auditing. This guide will enable you to set up the powerful Kali Linux toolkit on your Windows computer so that you can perform your cybersecurity and security auditing tasks effectively. Using WSL gives you access to a set of tools to help you keep your network and applications secure. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your cybersecurity knowledge and skills by installing Kali Linux on your Windows computer!

Download Power of Cyber Security: Installing Kali Linux on Windows

We launch the Kali Linux installer

Step 1

We move the mouse cursor to the indicated place, as shown in the screenshot

Step 2

In the search, write “pow” and find the program “Windows PowerShell”

Step 3

Enter the command:

--install -dkali-linux

Step 4

We are waiting for the installation to finish

Step 5

We reboot our Windows 11 OS Definitely CTRL B)

Step 6

After downloading, the program will automatically start for you

Step 7

We invent a name for our system

Step 8

We invent a password for our system

Step 9

Enter the password again

Configuring Kali Linux in PowerShell

Step 10

Enter the command:

sudo apt update

Step 11

Enter the password for this value

Step 12

We are waiting for the download to finish

Step 13

Enter the command:

sudo apt install -y kali-win-kex

Step 14

The same, waiting for the download to finish

Step 15

We see the download process at 19%, continue to wait for completion

Step 16

Enter the command:

kex --win -s

Step 17

Click “Allow access”

Step 18

Enter the password

Step 19

“Would you like to enter a view-only password?” Choose “No”

Step 20

This is the picture you should get after the previous steps

Step 21

Enter the command:

kex --esm --ip -s

Step 22

Enter the password for our server. In our case, the password is “qwerty”, yours will be different

Step 23

Click “Connect”

Step 24

Congratulations, everything worked out for you. Now you can use Kali Linux on Windows 11

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