Bellingcat Online Investigation Toolkit: Whois, IP Addresses and Website Analysis

23 April 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

IP and DNS server

The Internet (from the English Internet), the Internet, is a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks based on a set of Internet protocols. The Internet is also called a network of networks. The Internet consists of millions of local and global private, public, academic, business, and government networks interconnected using a variety of wired, optical, and wireless technologies. The Internet provides the physical framework for hosting a vast amount of information resources and services, such as the interconnected hypertext documents of the World Wide Web. The network is built on the use of the IP protocol and the routing of data packets. Nowadays, the Internet plays an important role in the creation of the information space of the global society, it serves as the physical basis of access to websites and many systems (protocols) of data transmission.

A protocol is a way of interaction, data exchange between computers when working in a network. In order for different computers to work together, they must “speak the same language”, that is, use the same protocols. The set of these protocols is called the TCP/IP protocol stack. the most common network protocols according to the OSI model at the application level – DNS. A DNS server (synonymous with a name server) is a server that contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames. Typically, a DNS server acts as a translator, resolving or translating hostnames to IP addresses. it can be noted that the principles of using DNS servers and unique IP addresses have become fundamental for the current digital age. Only thanks to them, the Internet has turned into a real living environment of a modern person.

Site analysis

Passive DNS

Collects and analyzes data from thousands of passive DNS collection sensors. Complete unadulterated historical DNS information.

Geo IP Tools

Check all the information we have about your and any other IP address. You can find out the IP ranges of organizations or IPs located in the specified city.


Domain Tools

DomainTools is the most authoritative source of information about the Internet and a fundamental part of best-in-class security and threat detection software.


DNS History

Collection of historical DNS information. Free, simple and easy to use.



Censys constantly monitors every available server and device on the Internet.


Internet of Things search engine. You can find a bunch of misconfigured devices connected to the network.


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