Bellingcat Online Investigation Kit: Guides and Tutorials

22 April 2023 2 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Verification manuals

The Verification Guide is a ground-breaking resource for journalists and humanitarian workers, providing step-by-step guidance on how to use user-generated content (UGC) in emergencies. At such a time, overloaded with updates, social networks call for help, report the latest events and provide information. Indeed, reliable information often plays a critical role in the response of the public and emergency services to an emergency; it literally becomes a matter of life and death. The guides therefore provide best practice advice on how to verify and use information provided by the public. And also – effective recommendations for newsrooms on how to optimally prepare for disasters. And although the guide is primarily aimed at journalists and aid providers, it can be used by anyone.

Whether you’re a news journalist, urban reporter, aid provider, volunteer, journalism student, emergency operator, or social media researcher, his tips and advice will be of help to you. The European Journalism Center (ECJ) is an independent international non-profit foundation established to support the highest standards of journalism through the further training of journalists and media workers. Relying on its own wide international network, the center works as an intermediary and partner of a wide variety of projects related to journalism. Nowadays, it is important to know what is real and how to check news and other information. So this guide provides the necessary tools for everyone: both journalists and consumers.

Manuals and textbooks

American Press Institute Fact-Checking Resources

The American Press Institute promotes the news industry to help publishers engage audiences and improve journalism.

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Techniques to help ensure that a video found on the Internet or sent by a source can be considered an authentic recording of a particular event.

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An annual celebration and call for greater truth in public health, journalism and everyday life.

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Bellingcat / Resources

Investigative journalism website specializing in fact-checking and open-source intelligence.

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Itrace (Conflict Research)

The European Union-funded project provides quantitative data on the supply of diverted arms.

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The Washington Post

American daily newspaper. Contains breaking news, reports on national and international topics, essays and commentary.

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Berkeley Protocol

The Berkeley Protocol provides a guide to using publicly available digital information to fight for human rights.

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Verification Handbook

A handbook for verification with presented tools, methods and instructions for working with content in emergency situations.

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