Bellingcat Online Investigation Kit: Companies & Finance

21 April 2023 3 minutes Author: Cyber Witcher

Information about companies and financial institutions

There are countless companies and financial institutions in the world. They are both global and within one country or continent. Many of them are run by private individuals and they have some capital. At the time of digitalization of the world, all data about such companies, financial institutions and their managers began to be collected in databases. They were posted on websites and all information was publicly available. Today, there are many resources from which you can get a wide range of basic information and data that can be seen by both ordinary users and special services, law enforcement officers or journalists. Teams have begun to appear that have the authority to investigate companies if the information indicates corporate abuses. This is very easy to do with the skills to work with available resources and analytical data.

Most of such investigations have identified offshore companies, which are also listed in the offshore database and are freely available. But do not forget that digital currency on the Internet is an integral part of the financial online world. Almost all cryptocurrencies use blockchain to conduct transactions. Blockchain is an immutable, distributed, decentralized and secure digital ledger. Because this digital information is available to anyone on the Internet, it becomes transparent and immutable. Anyone can check the balance of any public address and view any transaction details on the blockchain. And that requires certain websites or search tools. Any user, with a little time, can start earning digital currency on a platform convenient for him.



Transaction tracking and tracing of a crypto wallet based on the ETH blockchain.

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 Very closely following your bitcoin trail or bitcoin account?

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OCCRP Investigative Dashboard

178 million public records and leaks related to the names of companies and individuals.

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Database of companies of the world.

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OFAC/UN/EU Sanctions Database

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Osint Tools Map

World map of business registers.

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Registro Imprese

Official register of Italian companies offering a range of basic information and data: company purpose, legal email address, location.

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You can find mini-dossiers of companies, institutions and public administration bodies. And also find the VAT number, check the fiscal code.

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Offers  information such as VAT number, Chamber of Commerce registration number, income range, employee rating.

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China Judgements Online

Important decisions of Chinese regional courts are posted.

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Financial reports of Chinese public companies and regular announcements.

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A private website, one of the largest information providers.

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Other countries


Search for companies and individuals in France.

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Search system of the company register from Germany.

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Portal da Justiça

Search for companies and individuals in Portugal.

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Search for companies and individuals in Switzerland. The availability of information is varied.

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Companies House

Search for companies and individuals in Great Britain and Gibraltar.

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Mauritius company registry search engine. The availability of information is varied.

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View 60 million US ocean shipping records. Can you imagine this number?

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A database that connects influential/wealthy people in politics and business (mainly US).

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European e-Justice portal

In Europe, business registers offer a range of services that differ from one member state to another.

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