Bellingcat Online Investigation Kit: Misc

23 April 2023 3 minutes

How to conduct an online investigation?

The effectiveness of an Internet investigation depends to a large extent on the ability to collect pieces of information about people or groups, and then combine this data into a more complete picture. Changing to provide information about email addresses, usernames, sites, and account involvement helps you create profiles of people or organizations that interest you. Such profiles can later be used in the investigation. Many tools used in modern investigations are designed for only one task: finding phone numbers, or e-mail addresses, or usernames, etc. d. But there is a whole growing group of tools designed to simultaneously search dozens – and even hundreds – of different sources. This helps to significantly reduce the initial search period in any project. Conducting online investigations helps to get something else: it is easy to find information not only about other people, but also about ourselves. Use the tools listed above to search for your name and other data, and you will see what information about you is available online.

In today’s hyper-connected world, there aren’t many options for each of us to keep our personal information completely private, but one thing that can make your life a little more secure is a password manager. Another useful investigative technique is to search for a username and related information. Searching by username can – and often does – bring up information about other websites and online services associated with the same user. And even if you don’t have an exact username, testing a few combinations can yield interesting results.


Unknown Hash ID

An online service that tries to recover lost passwords: hashes, encrypted Office files, legally obtained.

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Document Redaction

The tools help you securely edit document metadata and use ImageMagick to analyze PDF files.

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Google Search Operators

The following table lists the search operators that work with each Google search service.

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TimelineJS by Knight Lab

An open source tool that allows anyone to create visually rich interactive timelines. (Very fast and useful tool)

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The world’s largest catalog of video surveillance cameras online. You can watch live street, traffic, parking, road, online.

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The database collects and analyzes legal requests to remove online material, helping you know your rights and make laws.

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Julia Angwin’s 212 data brokers

This list includes data brokers, people finders, civil records, and criminal background check sites.

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You can track the real estate you are interested in using our tools to make the right decision to move.

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An AI-based outage monitoring platform helping you protect your employees.

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A platform for intercepting, sharing and analyzing radio waves of police or fire services, public safety.

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FBI National Stolen Art

Database of stolen works of art. The stolen items are exported to the USA and other countries.

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Google Doc Owners

The easiest way to query this important information is through a Python application called xeuledoc.

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A comprehensive tool for graphical link analysis that offers intelligent data analysis and real-time information gathering.

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Graffiti Database

The graffiti database contains photos of works. Our goal is to create the largest and most extensive online graffiti archive.

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Ramsomware Map

The map pinpoints the locations of each ransomware attack in the US where possible, including the ransom amount.

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