Discord security settings

16 March 2023 3 minutes Author: D2-R2

How to do it?

As one of the leading platforms for communication, Discord is used by millions of users around the world. However, along with the growing popularity, the number of potential threats is also increasing. How to secure your communication and keep your data confidential? We have prepared detailed instructions for you. A properly configured Discord can be a reliable and secure tool. From basic privacy settings to two-factor authentication settings, every step is important. Our guide addresses all of these points, allowing users to use Discord with maximum confidence. You’ll also learn about specific features of Discord, such as setting up server rules, working with roles, and keeping out unwanted members. Every detail, from choosing a strong password to understanding how private channels work, is covered in our guide. Network security is not only about technical settings, but also about understanding possible risks. Armed with our recommendations, you’ll be ready to secure your Discord communication.

Make sure your Discord activity remains private and secure. With our detailed instructions, every user will be able to become a real expert in security matters on this platform. The Discord application, which was originally created for the gaming community, has today become a universal means of communication for various groups of people. And this means that there is always a potential for abuse and attacks. Therefore, knowing about security settings at an expert level, you can avoid unwanted situations and keep your reputation clean. From message settings to properly managing bots on your server, the details matter. It’s also important to understand how encryption works in Discord, how to secure your group chats, and how to monitor activity on your server. An informed user is always a more protected user. In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of continuous education in the field of cyber security. Technologies are developing rapidly, and new threats appear almost every day. Therefore, always stay up to date with the latest news and recommendations on Internet security, so that your communication on Discord is always not only pleasant, but also safe.


Step 1


Go to Discord

Step 2


Let’s go to “Emoji”

Step 3

And click “Account”

Step 4

Click “on”

Step 5

Click ok

Step 6

Go to Authenticator

Step 7


Click on “+”

Step 8


Go to Authenticator

Step 9


Let’s come up with a name

Step 10


Name it conveniently Account, enter the key and click “Add”

Step 11


Insert the generated code from Authenticator

Step 12


Congratulations, you have successfully secured your account

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