Signal security settings

9 May 2023 2 minutes
Author: D2-R2

Why do you need a Signal PIN?

Your Signal PIN is the code used to support features such as identifiers that are not associated with a phone number. This means your PIN can restore your profile, settings, contacts, and list of people you’ve blocked if you ever lose or change your device. Also, the PIN code can serve as an additional registration block that prevents someone else from registering your number on your behalf. To make this possible, Signal has developed Secure Value Recovery technology ( ), which keeps your social graph inaccessible to Signal’s servers. This differs from other programs and platforms that store such data on their servers in the form of plain text. This means that no one but the participants of the conversation has access to the information. Even developers can’t read correspondence. Messenger does not collect user data.

Signal is a classic messenger. The program allows you to write messages, create single and group chats (up to 1000 participants maximum), make voice or video calls (up to 8 users at the same time), exchange photos, emojis and videos, share location and contacts. The program can be used instead of standard SMS. A feature of the messenger is encrypted device-to-device (E2EE) messages.


Step 1

We go to Signal

Step 2

Click “Continue”

Step 3

And click on “Provide section”

Step 4

Click “Allow”

Step 5

Then click on “OK”

Step 6

We confirm the phone number

Step 7

We will receive an SMS to this number

Step 8

Go back and enter this code

Step 9

Let’s come up with a name

Step 10

Create a password and click “Next”

Step 11

Enter the password again and click “Next”

Step 12

Then click on “OK”

Step 13

Go to the profile

Step 14

Go to “Privacy”

Step 15

We put a tick next to “1 week” and we can safely breathe out, because we have set up security for our account

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