WhatsApp security settings

How to ensure the security of your messenger?

The use of the messenger should not only satiate your desire to create a dialogue as much as possible, but also protect the secrecy of your correspondence. In order to make it impossible to even try to find out what and with whom you correspond, set up 2-factor authentication in WhatsApp.
Your personal correspondence may involve talking about business, something that you may not want anyone else to know, so it makes sense to spend a few minutes and save the privacy of your confidential correspondence. Information protection is your contribution to personal privacy, where there is no room for outsiders. Information today is an opportunity. The ability to learn something and take from it if you have the right information. Or the risk of losing this information and at least being concerned about its future fate.

By protecting the privacy of your information, you protect your nervous system, so don’t waste time and don’t let your personal account be used for compromising purposes. Do not allow what is important to you to fall into the hands of those who can use the information obtained against you. 2-factor authentication allows you to establish a very reliable protection barrier for your account, of course, after entering the code sent to your phone in SMS. If an attacker gets access to your SIM card or SMS message, it will be much more difficult for him to get your WhatsApp account. Read the step-by-step instructions and securely protect your account


Step 1

Go to WhatsApp

Step 2

Then immediately go to “Parameters”

Step 3

And click on “Account”

Step 4

We choose “Two-stage transition”

Step 5

Click “Enable”

Step 6

Come up with a password and click “Next”

Step 7

Enter it again and click “Next”

Step 8

We confirm the mail

Step 9

We do the same thing again

Step 10

When the disable button appeared, it means that you did everything correctly

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