Instagram security settings

Why do we need to protect him?

Instagram gives you the opportunity not only to create a creative account, filling it with a meaningful / philosophical / creative idea (here everything depends on your effort and in general the desire to make the content useful), but also gives the opportunity to fraudsters, having gained access to your account, to obtain information that can be important to you.
Fraudsters can do mass mailings on your behalf, can get access to all your personal correspondence, can cause reputational damage to you. By taking care of the safety of your Instagram account, you make a significant contribution to the peace of your nervous system, saving yourself from unnecessary thoughts when your friends start asking why they receive messages from your account: “Dude, I’m dying, put down two thousand”. And this is the worst thing that can happen. After all, the use of your account by fraudsters depends solely on their goals and objectives.

Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Back in 2010, they created an app where people could share, comment and like photos. At first, Instagram only allowed you to take square photos. It is hard to believe that the application was founded only in 2010, and has so smoothly merged into our everyday life in just over ten years. Instagram has become popular not only from the point of view of the consumer, but also in the field of digital marketing.


Step 1

Go to Instagram

Step 2

Click on “3 sticks”

Step 3

Let’s go to “Settings”

Step 4

Go to the “Security” section

Step 5

Next “Two-Step Verification”

Step 6

Then click on “Start”

Step 7

Drag the slider next to “Application for authentication”

Step 8

But choose “Another setting method”

Крок 9

Where the “X” is will be your unique key code that you must copy

Step 10

Now go to Google Authenticator

Step 11

Click on “+”

Step 12

But select the option “Enter the key yourself”

Step 13

Give our account a clear name, paste the code we copied and click “Add”

Step 14

Go to Instagram and insert the generated code from Authenticator

Step 15

This is the last step, and probably the most important, because in this empty orange rectangle there are several keys that you need to save so that if you lose your account data, you can restore it

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