Instagram security settings

9 May 2023 2 minutes Author: D2-R2

Why do we need to protect him?

Instagram has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people. But do you know how to make your account really secure? We offer you detailed instructions that will help protect your data, images and personal information from prying eyes. The importance of security on Instagram cannot be overstated. Every day we share moments of our lives, contact details and other valuable information. To keep your activity private, you should understand the basic principles of protection on Instagram. In our instructions, you will learn about privacy settings, activation of two-factor authentication, correct use of the archive and much more.

Each step is covered in detail, ensuring your understanding and confidence in the correct execution. When using Instagram, do not allow unknown or unwanted people to access your content. Our manual will be your reliable assistant in this matter, indicating potential threats and ways to avoid them. Make sure your Instagram account is properly protected and enjoy communicating and sharing moments without any worries. With our detailed instructions, every user will become a real expert in Instagram security!


Step 1

Go to Instagram

Step 2

Click on “Edit”

Step 3

Let’s go to “Settings”

Step 4

Go to the “Password and Security” section

Step 5

Next “Two-Step Verification”

Step 6

We select a public record

Step 7

Drag the slider next to “Application for authentication” and click “Next”

Step 8

Scan the barcode or copy the key and paste it here

Step 9

Now go to Google Authenticator

Step 10

Click on “+”

Step 11

But select the option “Enter the key yourself”

Step 12

We give our account a clear name, paste the code we copied and click “Add”

Step 13

Go to Instagram

Step 14

And insert the generated code from Authenticator, and click “Next”

Step 15

Congratulations, everything worked for us, two-step verification is enabled. Click “Done” and use Instagram safely

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