Gmail security settings

10 May 2023 2 minutes Author: D2-R2

How to configure maximum privacy in Gmail?

An electronic mailbox is actually access to everything that is important to you. By gaining access to your Gmail, you can literally gain access to almost your entire life. Selling your soul to the devil is probably less painful than losing control of your own Gmail. Because this is where you receive confirmations and messages from the bank, this is where you log in on almost any platform, this is where you link to all your accounts, services, and services. Gmail is like an alter ego in the world of information space. Take care of it and don’t leave it unprotected! But it’s not enough just to link a Gmail account to a personal phone number, attackers can intercept SMS messages with an authentication code and gain access to your e-mail box.

2-factor authentication allows you to set a second barrier to protect your account after entering the code received in SMS. After setting this option, if an attacker gets access to your SIM card or SMS, it will be much more difficult for him to receive correspondence from your Telegram account. By unlinking your email from your phone number, you prevent access to all your data in your Gmail account. Do not miss the opportunity to properly protect your account, because your security is solely in your hands!


Step 1​

Go to Gmail

Step 2

Log in to the account

Step 3

Go to the “Security” section and click on “Two-step verification”

Step 4

Click on “Start”

Step 5

Enter the password

Step 6

Click “Continue”

Step 7

Click on “Continue”

Step 8

Enter the code and click “Next”

Step 9

Click on “Enable”

Step 10

We are looking for the “Code Generator” tab

Step 11

Click on “Next”

Step 12

Click “Set up authentication tool”

Step 13

Copy the code

Step 14

Let’s go to Authenticator

Step 15

Click on “+”

Step 16

Name the account and enter the copied code

Step 17

Congratulations, you have successfully secured your account

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